wheels plugin

List and install CFWheels plugins

Plugins are now handled directly from forgebox - anything in the CFWheels Plugins category can be installed directly via the CLI

Listing plugins from Forgebox

$ wheels plugin list

NB, this command is really just an alias to forgebox show cfwheels-plugins

#Example Output

================ CFWheels Plugins From Forgebox ======================
Contacting ForgeBox, please wait...

Shortcodes    ( Tom King )
Type: CFWheels Plugins
Slug: "shortcodes"
Shortcodes Plugin for CFWheels

CFWheels Example Plugin    ( Tom King )
Type: CFWheels Plugins
Slug: "cfwheels-plugin-example"
CFWheels Example Plugin

  Found 2 records.

NB, to install a plugin, just use install followed by the plugin Slug, i.e, install cfwheels-plugin-example.